Cloudwall Capital is a team of passionate fintech and research professionals looking to help institutional investors navigate the digital asset marketplace.


Founded in 2021 in NYC, we aim to build a global company and be part of the revolution in finance driven by the emerging Blockchain Economy.


We are currently in stealth mode with a small, dedicated launch team iterating on our prototype institutional investor platform, Serenity.

Want to talk to us about your needs and pain points investing in digital assets? Contact us, we would love to hear from you.


Kyle Downey

CEO & Co-founder

Jia Yng Wee

COO & Co-founder

Ilya Kulyatin

Head of Research & Co-founder

Bob Guzman

Chief Product Officer

Makas Lau Tzavellas

Chief Technology Officer

Barry May

Risk Dashboard Architect

Jose Martinez

Risk Platform Engineer

Thierry Hue

Data Platform Engineer

Samuel Wang

Site Reliability Engineer

Boris Skorodumov

Research Engineer

Chen Xingru (Chloe)

Research Engineer