Whale Capital CIO's Journey From Marine Engineering to Crypto Quant Hedge Fund

by Cloudwall - 03 Feb 2024

Join us as we navigate the transformative seas of blockchain and finance with Maria Ginda Perez, CIO of Whale Capital, whose unexpected voyage from marine engineering dreams to the fintech realm paints a captivating tale.

Listen in on Spotify as Maria shares her academic pivot to industrial engineering and finance, her tenure in financial risk consultancy, and the leap into M&A at a major investment bank.

She unfolds her story of fascination with blockchain technology that led her to co-found one of the pioneering crypto funds, all while drawing intriguing parallels between her initial passion for the ocean and her current endeavors in the crypto space. As we further our exploration, we uncover the dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency and the critical role of regulations in shaping investor confidence and operational strategies.

The discussion also centers on the importance of education within the blockchain ecosystem and Whale Capital's proactive approach to international expansion.