Cloudwall / Digital Asset Research Announce Strategic Partnership

by Kyle Downey, CEO & Co-founder - 13 Jul 2022

NEW YORK, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital Asset Research (DAR), a leading provider of 'clean' crypto asset data, insights, and research has partnered with Cloudwall, the digital asset risk experts, to offer clients added portfolio risk management resources during a volatile market environment.

The partnership creates an industry-leading set of digital asset risk management tools and metrics for institutions by combining DAR's comprehensive asset diligence and Cloudwall's risk model and derivatives analytics. Partnering with Cloudwall adds to DAR's breadth of risk management tools, offering DAR's clients access to Cloudwall's Serenity 5-Factor Risk Model, which decomposes portfolio risks by sector, risk factor and token. The model provides institutional investors with insights into how their portfolios behave under stress, helping them better hedge and position to take advantage of market opportunities with enhanced risk management.

"Recent market events have emphasized why strong crypto risk management is essential for institutions. DAR's asset diligence reporting is designed to help clients evaluate an asset and its risks, and now through our partnership with Cloudwall we're able to provide a view of risk at the portfolio level and additional asset analytics," said DAR's CEO Doug Schwenk.

DAR's robust asset diligence process performs a complete qualitative and quantitative evaluation of a crypto token including decentralization analysis, network and codebase robustness, and health of the community. Collaborating with Cloudwall will add another layer of risk measurement for investors constructing and adjusting their digital asset portfolios. Over time, Cloudwall will add support for advanced derivatives analytics, scenario analysis and more, to give investors a complete picture of the behavior of complex digital asset portfolios under stress.

"Our mission at Cloudwall is to help digital asset investors better understand the risks they face. Combining our Serenity 5-Factor Risk Model with DAR's asset diligence and clean data will empower the market to meet its full potential and help clients protect and grow their digital asset portfolios," said Kyle Downey, CEO of Cloudwall.

On Tuesday, July 26th at 11:00am EDT, there will be a free webinar on Risk Management in Crypto featuring principals from Arbor Digital, Cloudwall, DAR and moderated by a representative from FTSE Russell. The panel will discuss recent market volatility, explore real world examples of market risk, counterparty risk and protocol risk, and talk about how to measure and manage these risks while including crypto in client portfolios. Institutional professionals, including digital asset investors, financial institutions and funds, ETF and index providers, hedge funds, service provides, RIAs and wealth managers, risk managers, and fintech professionals, can register to attend this free webinar by visiting

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Digital Asset Research (DAR) is a specialized provider of 'clean' digital asset data, insights, and research for institutional clients including asset managers, banks, custodians, family offices, fintech firms, fund administrators, hedge funds, and venture capital firms. Since 2017, DAR leads by rigorously vetting out noisy inputs for flagship clients such as Bloomberg, FTSE Russell, and Wilshire. Each day, DAR processes 120+ million trades to price over 3500 assets and deliver a range of product solutions to navigate the cryptoverse.

With expertise in traditional finance and the digital asset space, DAR's success is driven by a commitment to deliver honest data emphasizing accuracy, quality, and transparency. To learn more about DAR, go to or follow on Twitter @DAR_crypto.

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Founded in 2021, Cloudwall (, the digital asset risk experts, was founded by a team of engineers, quants and capital markets specialists devoted to giving institutional investors insights into their portfolios to help guard against risks and capture opportunities. The company's platform, Serenity, offers an institutional-grade risk platform with a full suite of risk models tuned for digital assets. Cloudwall is based in NYC and Singapore.

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