Cloudwall launches digital asset risk platform to help institutional investors navigate intense market disruption

by Kyle Downey, CEO & Co-founder - 01 Nov 2022

Today marks the first public debut of Serenity, a risk management platform for institutional digital finance investors created by risk technology provider Cloudwall.  Singapore Fintech Festival will be the first public demo and opening of our public beta.

The need for strong risk management in digital finance has never been more critical. The market is reeling from the intense disruption of Spring 2022, when many cryptocurrencies crashed. In May, Terra's UST and LUNA cryptocurrencies lost nearly $45 billion in value within 72 hours. This event, and others like it, proved that better models and tools are needed for institutions to understand not only the risks in the individual digital assets, but also the risk of contagion in the Web3 ecosystem.

Serenity is designed to help digital asset investors navigate the current period of intense market disruption and thrive beyond it. The platform aims to cover the full spectrum of financial risks facing institutional investors - from market and liquidity to DeFi, credit and counterparty. By analyzing the risks associated with specific portfolios, Serenity can help investors understand key market developments in a way that is unique to them. Serenity can also break down common sources of risk across the portfolio via risk attribution, identifying hotspots and areas of opportunity.

The Serenity platform represents a significant step forward in risk management for digital assets. It shines a light on patterns of risk so that even when markets appear quiet, investors can identify potential threats and act accordingly. The platform can stress test portfolios by creating hypothetical situations to evaluate the portfolio’s ability to stand up against a particular risk or combination of risks. This type of scenario testing, while common in traditional investment spaces, has not been applied to digital assets until now.

By giving institutional investors the insights they need to safely trade in a volatile and fast-changing market, Serenity will accelerate the move towards a decentralised economy.

About Cloudwall

Founded in 2021, Cloudwall ( is a digital finance risk specialist founded by a team of engineers, quants and capital markets specialists devoted to giving institutional investors insights into their portfolios to help guard against risks and capture opportunities. The company’s platform, Serenity, offers an institutional-grade risk platform with a full suite of risk models tuned for digital finance. Cloudwall is based in New York City and Singapore.

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